Sunday, January 25, 2015

Q&A With Kyle and Devin

Hey guys!!

for the thousand times I'm very very sorry for my lack of blogging because I'm very very busy preparing myself for my exams... yeah exams sucks. But I'm back... for now with a special blogpost!!

So as I said on the banner of my blog, this blog is dedicated to Kurt Schneider and the awesome singers who collaborated with him. And it's been so long that I wanted to have a little Q&A or even a live interview with one of those Ridiculously talented singers, but since they must be too busy, I never be able to do that. But this time is different! This week I got the honor to ask some questions to Kurt's recent new collab partners, Kyle and Devin! they are brothers and they're from Nashville! 

Kurt, Kyle and Devin's cover of Nick Jonas's hit song, " Jealous " was uploaded about 4 days ago and it has about 280K views!! Well no wonder it has a lot of views! Kyle and Devin's amazing voices plus Kurt's magic with the piano sure enchant a lot of people including myself.

Kyle and Devin also have their own YouTube channel ( I'll put the link to their social media below) and I have to say that their mashup is AH-MAZING! my personal favorite is Girls Just Want to Have Fun vs. Girls ( Cyndi Lauper and The 1975).

Back to my Q&A with the awesome brothers, on Friday I made up my mind and asked them through DMs if they'd like to do some Q&A, surprisingly, the reply come quickly and they said yes!! *BOOYEAH* I sent them my questions on Saturday and the reply came this morning!

So.... This is my Q&A with Kyle and Devin.

1. When is your birthday?

K: December 7th! 

D: October 16th!

2. How did you guys meet Kurt Schneider and end up making covers with him?

D: We actually connected with Kurt on YouTube! (Great place to meet people right?) When we found out he wanted to collaborate we actually had a trip to LA planned, and it ended up working out perfectly really. 

3. What does it feel collaborating with Kurt?

K: Collaborating with Kurt has been one of the coolest things we've ever done. You can totally tell he loves what he does. It was such an awesome experience to be able to work with someone as creative as him and his team.
D: Working with Kurt was fantastic. He's super talented, super nice and really supportive. That's kind of a rare combo, so when you meet someone like that it really makes the working experience even better and so much more fun.

4. What would you say if Kurt offered both of you to make another cover or even wrote an original song together?

K: Yes to both! 

D: "YES...and..YES."

5. What do you think about Kurt Hugo Schneider?

K: Kurt is probably one of the nicest guys you'll meet. It's obvious that his only concern is putting out quality content for his viewers. 

D: Kurt's awesome. Really talented, very intelligent and very genuine. Nicest guy, too.

6. What is your favorite video from your own channel?

K: I would have to say our Sirens vs Stay video! 

D: Probably our Sirens vs Stay mashup. Kyle arranged it and produced it, and it's absolutely genius.

7. Do you prefer doing one song cover or a mash up?

D: I prefer doing a mashup, as long as the mashup is creative. For instance, our "Girls" mashup brings a new song and an old song together, but still flows well. But whether it's a mashup or a single song we're covering we try to be very deliberate and interpret them as a K&D song.

K: I would have to agree with Devin. 

8. Who inspired both of you to do music?

D: We grew up as preacher's kids, and would play in church. Our mom is an amazing singer, and definitely our first inspiration.

K: Yeah, our mother has been the biggest music influence. I'm a guitar player so naturally other guitar players such as John Mayer, Eric Clapton and others played a big part in how I play today.

9. Who is your favorite youtuber?

K: Yeah, for music it would be Kurt then Alex Goot. I also love Miranda Sings. 

D: For music definitely Kurt, but I watch a lot of DJ Flula too.

10. With whom you guys are dying to collaborate with?

K: Anyone and Everyone 

D: Honestly, there are so many great Youtubers. We want to collaborate with everyone, even beyond music.

11. What's your dreams or goals for your future career?

K: To create good music that people can relate to.
D: To help people, encourage people.

12. Define yourselves in 3 words!

K: Walking Dead Fanatic

D: Ice Cream Lover

So that's it! my Q&A with Kyle and Devin!! and by the way, we found another ice cream lover!! maybe Devin and Kurt should write a song about their love of ice cream! 

It's been a great thing to know them and get the chance to do this Q&A! If you're addicted  to K&D's cover with Kurt, don't worry because Jealous is not their only covers! They have another cover coming Kurt knows when, and I'm sure that it's just as awesome as Jealous!

Well, I think this is the end of my blogpost *BOO* But I'll try to post another one soon as I found another Kurt's collab partner who wants to spend their time answering my question. 

As promised, here's some K&D's videos! 

Sirens vs. Stay - Cher Lloyd and Rihanna 

Jealous - Nick Jonas

Flaws vs. Pompeii vs. Things We Lost in The Fire - Bastille

Girls Just Want To Have Fun vs. Girls - Cyndi Lauper and The 1975 

So those are some videos of Kyle and Devin, if you want to see more of their videos, check  out their YouTube channel ( Link below)

Get in touch with Kyle and Devin!

Kyle and Devin's Facebook Page : 

 Kyle and Devin's Twitter account:

Kyle and Devin's YouTube Channel :

Now... it's time for me to say goodbye. Thank you so much to Kyle and Devin for answering my question and I can't wait to see your next cover with Kurt! also I want to thank all of you, my awesome readers for reading my post and I really hope you like this one!!

Until next time!!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

SamTsuiIndo & KurtSchneiderID Fan Gathering

Hey hey!! What a lovely day isn't it? So today I want to tell you about our little fan gathering plan.

It all started when the four of us ( me and SamTsuiIndo's admins) met at the YouTube Fans Meet and Greet last June. We realized that our fanbase soon will celebrate it's 2nd anniversary, so we came up with the idea of making an event when Samily and Team Kurt can meet and have fun together. And that's where the idea of fan gathering came from.

About the event. Everyone is welcome! so if you live in Jakarta, or other cities in Indonesia or even you live on other countries, you are very welcome to join us.
This event will be hold on Sunday,August 24th 2014 at Signature Coffee and Grill, Jl. Kemang Raya no. 72F, Jakarta at 1 PM

Well we're not gonna just sit, talk and eat of course! We have some games with pretty cool prizes for the winner! we also plan something awesome, special for everyone who come to our fan gathering that will absolutely make everyone else who miss it will regret!

The ticket price is 150K ( in Rupiah of course) including a delicious lunch, cool merch and an unforgettable experience! Registration are now open and will be closed on August 18th 2014. so if you're interested, please contact our CP Yustinaindah_ (LINE) or you can ask me on twitter @KurtSchneiderID

See you guys there!

-V :7

Friday, June 20, 2014

DREAMS DO COME TRUE : Meeting Kurt Schneider In Person at YouTube Fans Meet and Greet Jakarta, 18th June 2014!!

Oh my!! It's been a year since my last blogpost!!. Not that I didn't want to, but I have so many works to do. But I'm fully active on my twitter. So follow me on @KurtSchneiderID. I also been working on a Kurt Schneider fan fiction titled Unbelievably Beautiful on Wattpad feel free to check it out.

People said that dreams do come true. But some of us might not believe it until it really come true. And that's what happened to me. I've been dreaming of meeting Kurt Hugo Schneider in person and after waiting for what feels like forever, I got the chance to finally meet the one and only Kurt Hugo Schneider at YouTube Fans Meet and Greet Jakarta on 18th June. Not just Kurt, but I also got the chance to meet Sam, Jason Pitts and Joel Manduke. Frank was around but I didn't get a chance to talk to him. Not just my favorite Youtubers. But it also gave the chance to meet my fellow fanbase owner. I met owners from SamTsuiIndo. And that made this event more memorable for me.

So YouTube Fans Meet and Greet was an event held at Potato Head Garage, Jakarta. We got to see Sam, Kurt and many Indonesian Youtubers perform live! And for some lucky fans got to stand on stage took photo or ask for autograph from the performers. Well I was one of those lucky fans.

The first two person I met was Jason and Joel! Believe me when I said that they look 1098395933 times more handsome in person! And Joel is very tall.. like really tall. I met them when I'm about to go inside. They stood on the door. Jason was talking to Karen (she's a very kind and busy woman) and other guy when I called his name. I talked to Jason before for some 'business' so when I told him my name he recognized me instantly. We talked for a while and the I asked him and Joel for a photo. They said yes and we took one photo together. After that I went inside.

We were separated in two lines. The one who got the chance for meet and greet, and the one who got to watch them perform right in front of the stage. I stood in a line for getting on stage. Well the closer I got to the front, the more nervous I became. But all those nervousness are pretty much gone once I met Kurt. They were in the middle of the stage so I have to passed the other Youtubers. Well I did took photo with them but none as good as the one I took with Kurt and Sam.

I walked closer to Kurt and Sam ( They are 643957295826583575 times more handsome, charming, cute in person!! ) and the first person I noticed was Kurt. I shook his hand first and introduce myself. And of course he know me. He hugged me so tight.. OMS! I HUGGED KURT HUGO SCHNEIDER!!!!. We told each other how happy we were to finally met each other. After that I turned to Sam and hugged him too. I have to say that Kurt and Sam are the most humble person I've ever met!. After Sam I turned to Kurt again and he took out his phone. He said "I have to take picture with you!". We joke a little cause he can't find his camera app. (Well I was too happy to remember what exactly he said. But it's more like that) he gave his phone to a security or I don't know... I didn't pay attention to that guy. That guy took photo of us and handed Kurt’s phone back. I took out my phone and took one selfie with Kurt and Sam before the other security told me to continue walking. But before I walked pass them. Kurt hugged me once again. After Kurt and Sam I took photo with the rest of the performers and then went off stage.

After I got off stage, I looked around looking for SamTsuiIndo' s owners and found them talking and taking photos with Jason and Joel. We spent some times talking to Jason and Joel. I got their autograph too! (Too bad I didn't get Kurt’s and Sam’s :( ). I stood beside Joel and honestly I felt so little standing beside him so I asked him how tall he was and he said that he's about 6'3 or about 200cm.... that's why I felt so short standing beside him. I talked to Jason and Joel until they have to go back to their dressing room or whatever it was. After that... the show began.

First performance was singers I thought was the best cover artist in Indonesia. GAC (Gamaliel Audrey Cantika) they sang Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. Their voices was... Amazing! I wonder when will they make a collaboration with Sam and Kurt.

Second was Aron Ashab. He sang his new song which honestly I've never heard before. Skaha or something. Then he sang his Coke Bottle parody followed by his fans.

Third was Boys II Boys. I feel awful to say this but I've never heard them singing before. ( well thanks to Kurt and Sam my YouTube life only filled with them). Honestly I didn’t really paid attention to their performance cause I was busy talking with SamTsuiIndo's owners.

Fourth was  another guy with another great voice, Adera. He sang Lebih Indah and crowd sang along with him. After that the presenter gave him a challenge to create and sing a line based on a random words from the fans. And he nailed it! even though the words are pretty... random

Fifth was Jakarta Beatbox. I'm not a big fan of beatbox but I have to admit that their beatbox skills was freaking awesome! They should do a beatbox challange against Kurt! one of them even made 8 different sound with only one mouth. How cool was that? They also picked some fans and brought them to the stage and taught them how to beatbox!

Sixth was Ashilla Zahrantiara and her duet partner Francis Kerel. They sang Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes' Almost Is Never Enough then followed by Ashilla's original song The One.

After that there was a collaboration between Ashilla, Francis and Jakarta Beatbox singing Happy by Pharrell Williams. As the song came to the end... it's finally the performers we've been waiting for!!

Sam and Kurt went n stage then followed by Jason and Joel. Sam with his silver shiny cool jacket took the center and introduced themselves. Then he announced that he was going to sing for song. Without any word, he sang the first song, Make it Up! The crowd went wild (especially me and SamTsuiIndo's owners) we sang along and just enjoying their performance.

Next song was Summer Pop Medley 2012! That medley was like a year and a half (or more) ago. but still some or should I say lots of his fans sing along with him. Sam was jumping, dancing, running on stage. And I can tell you that he was enjoying himself and his performance. Kurt was wearing 'Blangkon' and sunglasses. you know what? he looked INDUBITABLY handsome with Blangkon and sunglasses. Jason was also wearing sunglasses too.

The third song was Shadow. I was too focused filming but still I sang some lines. and honestly I didn't pay attention to my surrounding.

The last song was Wherever You Are. A great song to end a great performance. I found my feet moved along with the beat.

When the song came to an end  and the presenter got on stage, the crowd yelled "we want more!" but too bad it was really the end of the amazing night. but before that, the presenter asked Sam if he'd like to go back to Indonesia and he said "we'll be back for full concert" Well I can't wait for that!!.

After that people started to leave the building. but the event is not finished yet. There was another event. A talkshow or like a discussion panel to talk about their YouTube career and stuff. but it was limited and for some sort of VIP only.

I haven't saw Kurt again since the event. We talked *chat a couple times on Twitter,but that was it. But I'm sure we'll meet again. Someday, somehow.

So That was my story or should I say make up blogpost for not live tweeting during the event. Hope you guys enjoy it.

P.s: Honestly I don't really remember which performers comes first. but I do remember the first, the second, and the last two. so the arrangement above might be wrong and I'm truly sorry for that. I was too focused and excited to see Sam, Kurt, Jason and Joel perform live that I didn't even paid attention to the other performers. And I don't really remember what they said cause my mind was somewhere else after I saw Kurt right in front of my eyes.

And... since my phone was dead almost the whole event. I didn't take a lot of photos. Most of them are my photos and I'd like to keep it private. so I won't post it here.

Until Next blogpost.

- V

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Little Interview With The KURTastic Kurt Hugo Schneider!!!!!

Hey #TeamKurt!!!!! It's been very very long since my last blogpost, an it's been a long wait for me to post this one cause you know.. I'm waiting for Kurt's answer! What I mean with long long wait is, after 4 months of waiting for the answer, finally on 29 May 2013 on 8:44 pm Kurt sent me his answers. He also apologize cause it took him so long to answer those questions. Cause he was busy working with Sam's album. But those answers are really worth to wait!

As you all know this interview is part of #TeamKurtCare project I made earlier this year to raise money for flood victims in Jakarta. But because I'm too late to donate it. U ended up donate it to a mental disorder orphan house.
So Thank you all so much who participated on my project!!

I also want to thank Kurt's lovely mom, Mrs. Laurie cause she always convince me that Kurt will answer my question! And thank you to all of my #TeamKurt fellas for your patience! I love you guys a lot!!

Kay it's enough for the opening. Now lets read the main part of this blogpost.

Q: What or who's your biggest inspiration that makes you want to learn music back then?

A: My mom always sang songs to me and my sister when we were growing up and I think that made us love music from a young age :]

Q: Beside music producing and make films, what else is your favorite things to do?

A:Eating food!!!!!! Sushi is a favorite

Q: With whom you're dying to do a collab with?

A: There are way to many to name but if I had to pick a couple I would love to work with Justin Timberlake and Demi Lovato.

Q: What is the best thing ever happened to you since day 1 of your career?

A: Having the love and support of my family! From day 1...

Q: If you could go back in time before you made your 1st YouTube video with Sam, would you change anything?

A: Well, I think I've learned a lot in the past 4 or 5 years and I think you can see how we've matured through our videos, but there is a charm to those early videos and I wouldn't touch them :1

Q: Would you make a collab with some non-pop artist or non pop medley?

A: Stay posted! Some ideas for a non pop medley are in the works...

Q: If you're reading comments for your videos and you read some bad comments like saying that your music isn't good. how do you react? and how do you react with the good comments?

A: The bad comments don't bother me. People have a right to their opinions and if some person's negative thoughts stopped us we would never be where we are today.

Q: You remember Before I Go right? have yo ever thought to sing some songs from it and post it on YouTube

A: Haha, hmm... I actually haven't, that album is rather old and I think I have better songs now.

Q: Have you ever consider to be a film director just like Steven Spielberg and win an oscar?

A: Possibly however right now I have so much I still want to accomplish with music first!

Q: Indonesia has lots of various of beautiful traditional instrumens like Angklung and Gamelan. If you're visiting Indonesia, would you like to learn our traditional music?

A: Of course! I love learning new instruments and I always love to playing and using new and different instruments in videos!

Q: If you find great talent in Indonesia, will you make a collab with him/her?

A: It might be hard because of the distance but I'm never one to rule anything out

Q:As you might know. your family love your I Will Follow You Into The Dark, which cover of you singing you like the most?

A: That's my favorite one of me singing! I usually don't like listening to my own voice so much, but I love that song :1

Q: If you saw some old photo of you like in middle school or high school time, what do you think to yourself?

A: Actually, I really can' t remember the last time I looked at old photos... hopefully I'd think that guy in the photos was pretty cool though :]

Q: What is the best thing a fans ever did to you?

A: Keep watching the work I create. I just try to create great stuff, and I feel very fortunate that my fans keep wanting to watch the work.

Q: Would you rather live with neon pink or green grass hair for your whole life?

A: Green grass, obviously!

Q: This is a question that I've never know what to answer and lots of your fans asked... Do you have a girlfriend? and would you ever date a fans?

A: I think I'd like to keep my private life private! :] But I have dated fans in the past.

Q: What is the sweetest thing you've ever said to a girl?

A: I love you.

Q: What is the best advice you can give to your fans and some other people who inspired by you and they really want to be as good as you are

A:Never give up, if you love something then stick with it.

Q: What's yur biggest hopes, dreams, and goals for your career in the future?

A: I'd love to tour, I'd love to work with more musical artists who I really admire, and I want to keep pushing myself to make better and better videos

Q: What do you think about me, KurtSchneiderID and my blog?

A: I love the work you do Vaby. Your constant support and promotion of the work is really special. I do not think I deserve such support, but I really really really appreciate it.

That's all!! But actually I have lots of question I want to ask Kurt. Maybe I'll wait til he visit Indonesia!
Actually I feel like some of my questions are stupid after I sent it, but I'll save the best question for next time! Hopefully the next interview with Kurt is a live one !!!...

Huge thanks to Kurt Schneider who made time to answer my questions. Sorry that I've been very impatient while waiting for those answers.

And #TeamKurt!!! Tell me what you think about this blogpost on comment!!

One last thing!! @KurtSchneiderID is going to celebrate 1 year anniversary this JUNE!!!! On 24th June! So there might be something special that day!! So stay tune guys!!!!

Good luck to all of you who have end term test!! And congrats to all of you who passed your national examination!!!

Cheers! :7

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Tiffany Alvord

Heyyaa!! wow! it's been a long time since my last blogpost. sorry for the long time delay on this post because i was very very busy with school assignments. And about the little interview with Kurt i still haven't got the answer. But I'll let you know if i get it.

So today's post is about the beautiful talented sweetheart girl who sang what girls feels just like Taylor Swift, She's famous on Youtube, She is Tiffany Alvord!! well as we know she only collab with Kurt once on Taylor Swift Medley and we can't wait for another Taylor Swift Medley from this awesome talented YouTubers.

So here's what you might know or don't know about Tiffany Alvord.

Tiffany Lynn Alvord. (Tiffany Alvord) was born on 11 December 1992 in La Canada, Flintridge, California. She's a songwriter and she also love to cover popular songs. she joined YouTube on 14 April 2008 and now her channel has more than 1.300.000 subscribers and more than 283.000.000 views, Amazing right?. Tiffany is the only girl (beside her mom) in her family. Her mom's name is Cherie, and his dad is....  well, I don't know. so let's call him Mr. Alvord. She has 6 brothers! and their name all starts with T. Travis, Tyler, Thomas, Todd, Trent and Tevin. According to a source, Tiffany is homeschooled since 8th grade til 12th grade. Tiffany most inspired by the Lovely Taylor Swift. lots of people said that Tiffany is the next Taylor Swift. Tiffany posted her first video on YouTube when she was 15 years old. and never stop since then. last updated. she already uploaded 155 videos on her YouTube channel

things that makes Tiffany Alvord related to Kurt is they both once callaborated on Taylor Swift Medley. just that once. but I really hope they both work together again, or maybe make another Taylor Swift Medley.

As you know. Tiffany have several albums. I've Got It Covered, My Dreams, I've Got It Covered vol.2 and the newest one My Heart Is. And now, Tiffany is on Tour and she will hold a concert in Jakarta on 28 March! that's this Thursday!! 

and here's some facts about Tiffany Alvord:

  1. #AlvordFact Tiffany's hair is naturally very straight. I love her hair!<3
  2.  #AlvordFact Tiffany get soo many inspiration by Taylor Swift. She will be the next of Taylor Swift<3
  3. #AlvordFact Tiffany first album of original songs, “My Dream,” was released December of 2011.
  4. she loves to post quotes on Twitter
  5. Good friends with Megan Nicole, Dave Days and Jason Chen
And here's some quotes by Tiffany Alvord!
  1. "Sometimes I wonder what I did in life to deserve you." -Tiffany Alvord
  2. "Don’t get me wrong… you’re awesome, but you’re just not my type." -Tiffany Alvord. Just do it if you didn't love him ;)
  3. "Ways of rejection. 1.I’m busy 2.I’m not looking for a relationship 3.I’m so glad we’re friends." -Tiffany Alvord. Let's make a friendship<3
  4. "In life, we all have things to improve on..." -Tiffany Alvord
  5. "If somethings wrong... don't ask me til tomorrow. Otherwise I'm just gonna start crying." -Tiffany Alvord
  6. "Things I hate: Liars. Acne. Drama." -Tiffany Alvord
  7. "Things I love: Cookies. Hugs. Movies. <3" -Tiffany Alvord
  8. Love is a verb defined by action. - Tiffany Alvord

Well I guess that's it. i really hope I can tell you more about Tiffany. but for more facts and news and photos, you can follow Tiffany Alford Indonesian Fanbase 

And raise you hand if you want to see another collab between Kurt and Tiffany!!!

Tiffany's Official Twitter

Tiffany's Youtube Channel

Tiffany's Official website

Tiffany's Facebook page

Tiffany's Keek

Tiffany's Instagram

That's all for now guys. hope see y'all soon in another blogpost. hopefully Kurt answer soon. so see you guys then. Bye

-KSID :7

Saturday, January 19, 2013

TeamKurtCare Project

Hey guys! So maybe this blogpost had nothing to do with Kurt but this one is pretty special. As you all might know, some areas in Jakarta,Indonesia and maybe some other city and villages n Indonesia got destroyed by flood! And as I read and hear from the news, this flood can be categorized as small Tsunami. You see lots of people have to move from their house. Leaving everything they might only have at home that filled with water almost as high as adult's chest. Even a family lost their member because of it. because of that, I had this idea about make a project called #TeamKurtCare

And as you all know, I'm dying to get to interview Kurt and I think I can get help from you guys! An this is related to giving help to the flood victims. So here's the thing you have to do:

-Tweet Kurt (NOT SPAMMING) that he should do an interview with me.
-Put hashtag #TeamKurtCare when you tweet him
-Each of you can only tweet him about this 2 a day

Easy right? Every tweet you send to him, will donate Rp5.000 to the victims.
Please guys! If you do care. It doesn't matter if the end Kurt still doesn't wan to do interview. I'm still going to donate money for the victims. Or I will use the money to but food for the victims.

And if Kurt agree to do an Interview, I will give y'all a chance to ask him your question. And here's how:
- Tweet me your question for Kurt (1 person 1 question)
- Make the question as unique and good as possible. But not too personal
- use hashtag #KurtSchneiderIDInterview

I will pick 5 most unique and good question.

And I will give credit to whoever tweet Kurt and donate for the #TeamKurtCare project. And if you want to give more that just a tweet. And if you live in South Jakarta, maybe we can meet face to face.

So is that all clear enough? If it's not, you can ask me on:
- Twitter @KurtSchneiderID
- Facebook: Kurt Schneider Indo
- email :
-kik : VabiyanaSfr

Thanks guys! Remember 2 tweets per day for 1 person! More probably won't count

Really appreciate if you want to help!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Kurt's KURTASTIC Medleys

Heyya!! So this is the special post that have been delayed for a couple weeks cause I'm so busy and this is a very long post. How did I know this one gonna be a long post? Just look at the title! Kurt's KURTASTIC Medleys!! Like how many medleys he wrote? A tons!!
So this is it:7

Kurt, the music genius has made billions of cool medleys, kay, not that much but all of them are totally KURTastic! should I mention it all?'s a must:7 So.. Let's start!!:7 *maybe it's not arranged in the right uploaded date but i'll try kay:7

I think this one is pretty old, Kurt's first medley, with Jake Bruene and Jamie van Dyck. it's The Pop Medley.  Kurt also sing with his unique voice here!! Love it!!

it's probably Kurt's longest medley:7.. 7 minutes.... cool!!

Next, this one uploaded on July 24th 2009, to honor the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. it's Michael Jackson Medley!!!:7 on an Interview, Kurt said if MJ didn't passed away,he probably won't make this medley:7
As you can see in this video, there's more than 1 Sam and Kurt is beatboxing in the corner. (kay...Kurt....You're so talented!!) Til this time, Michael Jackson Medley has  30,310,986 views!!! :7

Next, we have...... Miley Cyrus Medley ft. Christina Grimmie!! i'm in total love with this one! Kurt mix the right song:7 this video uploaded on May 2nd 2010

I think Kurt made this medley because he got addicted to Miley's songs, at least that's what he said on description box for this video of Kurt palying Miley Cyrus Medley on piano, this video uploaded on August 11th 2009!

Next, I don't know the exact time of this video, but it's uploaded in 2010! a medley of one of my fave singer... it's a Taylor Swift Medley!!! You Belong With Me, Love Story,Teardrops On My Guitar and many more!

Next we have...... Rihanna Medley!! ft. Matisse

Kay this one is damn good for me! featuring Olivia Noelle, I gave you..... Katy Perry Medley

Who doesn't love Kurt's eyes on 1:43? and Olivia's voice is.... ahh can't explain!!:7

It's too late to's too lateee... you know that song right? yep! it's One Republic's song! and this is One Republic Medley ft. The Royal Sons!!

Next one.......  must be Little Monsters favorite!! it's Lady Gaga Medley!!

This one... uploaded a couple months ago, featuring 2 awesome Nickelodeon star, Victoria Justice and Max Schneider!! it's Bruno Mars Medley!!!

One of my fave!! The success of this medley bring this 3 awesome people back together! to the next KURTastic medley

Again with Max and Vic, Kurt made another breathtaking medley, including this year's popular song, Kurt gave you..... Maroon 5 Medley!!!:7

Both Bruno Mars Medley and Marron 5 Medley are done in 1 continous shoot!! cool right!!!:7

Now... this 3 medleys is very special, Kurt and Sam uploaded it every years since 2010, it's a very special medleys to entertain you during your favorite season Summer!! This is it!! Summer Pop Medley!!!!

Started in 2010, this Summer Pop Medley include :
-California Girls
-Your Love Is My Drugs
and many more!!:7
This Awesome medley uploaded on June 23 2010 and until this time has more than 3.590.000 views!!!

Next, is Summer Pop Medley 2011!! on Kurt's Channel, this video is re-uploaded 4 months ago. but it was uploaded on November 3 2011!! and has more than 2.520.000 views on Kurt's channel and 1.700.000 views on Sam's channel. This medley include:
- Give Me Everything
- Last Friday Night (TGIF)
- Party Rock Anthem
- Edge of Glory
- Super Bass

And the last one (for this time) Uploaded on October 28 2012, I present Summer Pop Medley 2012!!!!
I love the whole thing about this video!! Kurt and Sam did Gangnam Style really made my day!.Until this time, Summer Pop Medley 2012 has more than 1.400.000 views!!! This video include:
-Some Night
-Gangnam Style
-Good Time
-Call Me Maybe
-Glad You Came
-What Makes You Beautiful
-We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
and many more!!:7

In the end of Summer Pop Medley 2012, Kurt and Sam announce thry're MAKING AN ALBUM!!! can't wait!! can't wait!!! their plans is to released this album January 2013!! They also need our help cause this album is fully independent on producing. So Kurt and Sam made kickstarter page to raise money:7

So guys, that's (might be) all of Kurt Hugo Schneider's KURTastic Medleys!!:7 ppl always ask Kurt for their fave band or singer medley like:
-Demi Lovato medley
-Jonas Brothers Medley
-Taylor Swift Medley (part 2)
-Justin Bieber Medley
-One Direction Medley
and many many more

So let's hope Kurt read this and make your wish of your fave band or singer medley come true!!

Kay.....i'm gonna stop here:7 see you all in another blog post. help me by sharing this post to your friends and tell them to follow me on:

Sam and Kurt's Kickstarter page

You are my perfect harmony:7

well well well.. Recently the awesome people on Bruno Mars Medley and Maroon 5 Medley got back together and made another KURTASTICLY AWESOME COOL medley!! In this amazing Holiday spirit, Kurt, Max and Victoria  made a......... HOLIDAY MEDLEY!!! something unique about this video! it used some smartphones and it looks sooooo AWESOME!!! have you seen it yet? if you haven't, Check the vid below!!:7

Enjoy the medley and Happy Holiday guys!!!!!! :7